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Acceptable Websites

   Stokes Web Design is a Christian owned and operated private company and as such reserves the right to limit the type of websites that we work on.   Specifically prohibited are websites that contain or endorse pornography or lewd clothing/devices, gambling websites, websites that sell or promote alcoholic beverages, contain or promote hatred, racism or anti-Christian values or any other website that does not abide by all state and local laws.  If you have any question as to whether your website will be acceptable please contact us.

   Our work on StoreFront websites is limited to websites that are properly registered and licensed with LaGarde.  Our work is guaranteed only for the current build of StoreFront that is installed at the time we perform the work and is not guaranteed to work with any subsequent builds or patches.  Work needed to make it do so will be considered a new project and billed separately.  Projects that are less than one week in length will be due within 15 days upon completion of the project.  Projects longer than one week will be billed weekly and will be due within 15 days of billing.  A late fee of 1.5% per month will be applied to accounts that are over 2 weeks past due.  All modifications and add-ons remain the property of Stokes Web Design and are licensed per website.  All custom code and modifications may be used by Stokes Web Design on other websites and should not be considered exclusive to your website.